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Walking Therapy

We are now offering Walking (Walk and Talk) Therapy! It combines the benefits of movement and therapy into one! The availability of Walking Therapy is limited in the Tampa Bay area, and now Crudup Psychological Services is bringing it to you! 


What is Walking Therapy?


Walking Therapy is a mindfulness-based therapy that encourages relaxation, reduction in physical tension, and deep breathing. As you may have guessed, clients talk with Dr. B as they walk outdoors at a comfortable pace. Rather than sitting across from one another in an office setting, you are walking side by side with your psychologists. Please that initial intake sessions occur in office.


You may wonder if this is the type of therapy for you. Try it! If you like it, you can schedule more Walking Therapy sessions. If not, you can be seen in office or virtually. Literature suggests that these sessions may be helpful in decreasing anxiety, improving mood (endorphins), furthering your mindfulness practice, promoting restful sleep, and so much more. Additionally, COVID-19 has forced us all to think outside the box. This may be a great alternative for those who are not 100% comfortable with in-person sessions.


What to expect…


You will present to the office at your scheduled time, wearing comfortable walking shoes. Then you and Dr. B will begin your walk through the nearby neighborhood. During the walk, there may be moments when you all stand or sit silently in reflection and practice deep breathing. During the final 10 minutes of the session, you and Dr. B will make your way back to the office. She may encourage some gentle stretching. 


You may be concerned about confidentiality when it comes to this type of therapy. Please know that this is always at the forefront of Dr. Crudup’s mind. While violation of confidentiality is possible with Walking Therapy, every effort to maintain your privacy will be made (e.g., choosing paths that are less crowded). 

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